Multiple Churches, Multiple Display problems

How can I get OpenLP to place and size text correctly on different displays in different churches?

I prepare OpenLP services on my laptop (sometimes desktop) which are used in 3 different churches with 3 different display resolutions. When I've got slides set up for one display, say 800x600 (old projector!), the text is too small and usually in the wrong place on the background when shown on the next display, 1920x1200 (new UHD screens!)

I've been struggling with this for a long time! So far the only partial solution I've found is to use three different portable instances of OpenLP, each with their own set of customised background themes. The problem with this is that new themes are difficult to co-ordinate across each instance and I can't "proof" new services at home on my own laptop. I never know if the slides are going to show correctly until I get to the church on Sunday!

Does anyone out there share my pain!?


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