2.9.2 with new Mac

I hope I've posted this in the right place. Anyway, I recently bought a new MacBook Air, with the M1 (Apple Silicon) chipset and Big Sur (11.2) version of MacOS. I am using OpenLP 2.9.2 because 2.4.6 doesn't handle the fonts properly (which we think is something to do with the chipset and Rosetta translation).

I have found a few oddities of behaviour and would like to check whether they are just to do with 2.9.2 or because of the new Mac.

  1. Every time I start up OpenLP it asks me where to find Powerpoint. I don't have powerpoint on this Mac, but the options in the Presenter Settings have everything ticked and most greyed out as unavailable (other than Keynote and PDF) so I can't tell it not to use Powerpoint. Do other people have this, or is it just a Big Sur or M1 issue?
  2. It seems quite slow to load up - anything from 1-3 minutes. Given how variable that time is, I suspect that this is a M1 / Rosetta issue.
  3. Every time I change the focus away from OpenLP the projector display disappears (showing the desktop). This was a nuisance on a recent Zoom service as it meant I whenever I started screen-sharing it began with just the desktop instead of the intended slide until I clicked on OpenLP again - and it means I won't be able to check on a file or document while projecting live in church. Is this a "feature" of OpenLP 2.9.2 or is it a feature of the new MacOS (which does have a lot of security - I had to enable Zoom screen sharing in the MacOS preferences)?
  4. When I start OpenLP the slides don't properly respect the margins from the theme. Re-selecting the Service theme fixes it, but I had to change the default theme to one with the same margins. I don't know if this is because I have my Screen settings to a specific size which is smaller than the current actual screen size (at home my 2nd screen is HD, the projector in church isn't. Also the service always shows the asterisk. i.e. as needing saving, as soon as OpenLP loads - I don't know if these are related.
  5. I note that whenever a video ends, the live output switches to black (i.e. Show Black is selected) and I have to select Show Presentation again for the next slide. Is this intentional and is there a setting to change it?
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