I tried to find info on this via search -- no luck.

We need to move the Open LP to a new computer. Reinstalling the program is not the problem.

We have over 1.5 years of services on our current (old) computer (Vista). Our church has a 3 year cycle of readings, etc. So after 3 years they repeat themselves.

We would like to move the existing, saved services to a new computer (Windows 10)

Can you or how do you move the existing services (with all the contents) from the old computer to the new computer running the OpenLP program (same version on both machines) .

Also, where are they stored?




  • @FrJerryKopel The service files contain all the contents used during the service. Where they are located is totally up to the user. You can look in the OpenLP Data directory. You should NOT put service files in the Data directory....OpenLP writes and deletes from this directory routinely.

    You are looking for *.osz files.

    IF the Hard Drive is still searchable you should be able to find the Data directory and copy the complete directory. The manual has instructions for making a backup and where the default file locations are. Once you have OpenLP loaded on the new computer you can copy the old Data directory to the new computer's Data directory. Doing this will restore your songs, Bibles, Custom slides, Themes and still need to find the Service files.

    This is a start at what you can do to recover your services. See how far you can get and ask questions when they come up.

  • Thanks,

    We have the music copied over and some other elements.

    It's getting the various "Service" files that we need to find and copy over.

    We have hundreds of hours invested in putting that 1.5 years of services together -- that we'd rather not write off.


  • @FrJerryKopel If you create a new service on the old machine, and click save, the "save as" dialog will open and you will be able to see where you're saving your services from there.

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