Unable to access Bible resources

Having recently started using OpenLP, I am struggling to access Bible resources. Importing via Web Download fails every time at 66%:

The OSIS library doesn't have the versions I want, the OpenSong web site doesn't appear to be available, and I struggle to understand how to access Bibles from Zefania. Can anyone advise how I can access usable Bible resources for e.g. NIV, NLT, The Passion?


  • Can't even follow any of the links in the online manual to find out about file formats.

  • @Dangthrimble Can you tell us what version of OpenLP you are using?

    If you are using version 2.4.6 you may have a few issues as the website Bibles have changed their sites since version 2.4.6 was released, but all hope is not lost. All three Bibles you listed are available on the BibleGateway. They also carry an active copyright that prevents OpenLP from having the Bibles as part of the Bibles you can download when running the First Time Wizard.

    When you get the error, what are you doing? Running the First Time Wizard, or searching for specific verses? The Copyright License only allows a limited amount of verses to be "viewed" at one time. Take a look at the copyright information here.

    If you get the error when trying to import a Web Bible, I can provide a set of files that bypasses the error...but as the files are specific to the version of OpenLP I will need to know the version you are using. Keep in mind that the files I can provide do not have any verses in them and each time you search for a verse you will need the internet. Once you move the verses to the Service or a Custom Slide you won't need the internet to present the verses.

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