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Hey guys,

Just wanted to propose something that the other presentation companies are finally starting to implement in their programs; midi enabled control through midi CC commands.  An example scenario would be a church who is running Ableton Live on a machine and maybe also openlp at the same time.  It would be great if basic openlp commands had midi CC assignments; play,stop,pause etc.. The idea would be that the Ableton track could tell openlp what to do and everyone would be in perfect sync.  This would be a great feature for churches who use tracks, clicks, and other live performance content.  What do you guys think?




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    Remote operation of openlp.org has been (briefly) discussed, I don't think we had considered doing so via the midi interface however.

    Unless one of the developers knew how to listen to a midi port from Python, and also had access to this type of machine to test it out, I'm not sure it would be easy to implement...

    I assume these "other presentation companies" are commercial offerings and not open source?

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    I have done some MIDI work with python under Unix (heh, trivial read from /dev/midi) and have some kit I could use for testing, but it'll be a plugin to write after 2.0 has a first release I reckon...

     To the OP, are there some standard MIDI control channels/messages that could be used, or would you envisage (eg) changing slides on a c#?



  • Hi gang - was this ever implemented?  (Being able to trigger from Ableton?)
  • No, I'm afraid not.

    Having said that, OpenLP does have a remote API which could technically be hooked up to something that sits between Ableton and OpenLP and calls OpenLP's API based on Ableton's MIDI commands.
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