OpenSong import issues


I imported our mixed collection of OpenSong lyrics (just over 3000) a while back when we migrated to OpenLP and got no errors. Unfortunately it became clear with use, that there was a whole load of lyrics missing. Checking I found only 1277 had imported.

I thought there may be a corrupt file in the mixed collection, so I imported only our Songs of Fellowship collection into an empty database on Windows 10. It was 100% successful, to confirm I exported all the lyrics out of OpenLP and confirmed they were all there that way (2183 in total).

As an experiment I did exactly the same steps above on our production PC running Kubuntu, so clean database, importing the same Songs of Fellowship collection. No errors on import. Result: 1003 successfully imported.

So I have a few questions that I'm hoping someone can answer please:

  1. Why does the importer silently ignore errors, giving no indication that were was any issues?
  2. Why is there a difference in the chances of successfully importing lyrics on Windows 10 and Kubuntu?
  3. And finally what is the correct path to take to resolve this, so I can have the entirety of our lyrics collection imported?


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