When does OpenLP create a new song while opening a service?

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Hi everyone,

I have observed that OpenLP sometimes create a new song when a service file is opened.

How does OpenLP decide when to create a new song or when to update a song?

I've studied the service_data.osj file to some extent and it contains the "xml version" of the song.

Will a new song be created if the content of "xml version" changes? When does OpenLP update an existing song?

Does it compute the checksum of any field?

Could someone explain on this please?


I'm working on a feature to export songs from an app in OpenLP Service format.

I'm able to currently generate a OSZL file from the app and OpenLP could open it but a new song is created everytime I open this service file.

I'm stuck on this for quite some time. Appreciate your help. Thank you very much.


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