Installation on Ubuntu 20.04 fails

I have recently upgraded from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04

My OpenLP installation was working perfectly on 18.04, but has now disappeared and I cannot reinstall it.

There seems to be a conflict with LibreOffice (I have version 7.2).

It signals a dependency from python3-uno which cannot be resolved, and exploring further for python3-uno, a conlict with libreoffice-commun. Looking things with Ubuntu packages manager, I see an openp uninstalled packege, but selecting it for installation indicates it will have to remove libreoffice then install a number of other packages.

On the other hand, the repositary indicated (ppa:openlp-core/release) does not seem to find a focal release.

Already in 2016, I found notes saying that I had had to uninstall LibreOffice to install OpenLP then reinstall LibreOffice.

I hope I can get some help to solve the issue!


  • python3-uno requires an exact version match with libreoffice-core. I would recommend installing LibreOffice from the official ubuntu repository as it will work with the python3-uno package that is also from the ubuntu repos.

    I'm using Ubuntu 20.10 and the latest version of libreoffice as of 21 April 2021, is `7.0.5`. If there is some feature you must have from the latest version of libreoffice then you could download a containerized version using flatpak, snap or even appimage from their website:

    Also, as of writing this, the latest version available on the libreoffice website is 7.1.2, and the latest stable version is 7.0.5, so I'm guessing you're just from the future ????

  • Thans for your comment.

    Sorry, my LO version is 1:7.1.2~rc2-0ubuntu0.18.04.1~lo1. So it is 7.1.2, not 7.2...), I am still living in the present. ???? I do not recall where this version came from.

    Any other suggestion than trying to uninstall LO, install OpenLP and then reinstall LO?

    As for flatpak or snap, they have some major drawbacks for different programs because of restricted access. For LO, when I tried it, some of my favorite extensions were not working, and I came back to a normal deb version. Another problem I have now is with my flatpak Thunderbird : opening attachements do not work properly.

  • Okay, so the issue is: OpenLP needs python3-uno. python3-uno needs to match an exact version of libreoffice.

    So, our options are:

    A) Find a deb version of python3-uno for your exact version of libreoffice.

    B) Reinstall the required version of libreoffice to match the python3-uno package in the ubuntu repos.

    The reason that the versions do not match, is because I suspect you have added the libreoffice ppa which grabs the latest version.

    I'm not sure what the big deal with reinstalling LO is, configs are not deleted when uninstalling by default in apt.

    I've added a feature request to make the uno dependency optional, although, if it were not installed, OpenLP would not be able to show presentations.

  • Ok, thank you. Yes, I can uninstall/reinstall LO.

    I usually do not use OpenLP to do presentations, but in our Church, I have setup our data folder on our owncloud installation, so that we can share the data between different uses and prepare a service from home...

    22 April === success, at last!

    I managed to reinstall OpenLP – directly from Ubuntu software center – at last.

    But only after having suppressed or deactivated several sources – including OpenLP (and reactivate others), an run an update/ugrade. LibreOffice did update to version 10(Build:2), coming directly from Ubuntu sources (libreoffice-ubuntu-ppa-bionic.list).

    OpenLP is now version 2.4.6 and function normally,

    As for python3, I have version 3.8.5

  • Great to hear you've got it working! The ubuntu repository currently has OpenLP version 2.4.6 and we no longer use launchpad; so the OpenLP PPA is somewhat irrelevant now.

    Also, just to clarify, "libreoffice-ubuntu-ppa-bionic.list" is not directly from Ubuntu. "ppa" stands for "Personal Package Archive". Any one, and anything can have their own ppa. Although "" (where you can find all the PPAs) is hosted by ubuntu, all the projects are managed independently. Ubuntu does package libreoffice in the offical ubuntu repository (no ppa needs to be added) which is currently at version 7.0.5.

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