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Good Afternoon

I am trying to upload a different version of Bible NIV AND NSV. I am using the Bible Wizard and go to the drop down list of web download

Then I select download Bible list and Bible Gateway then next and I get the following message: There was a problem downloading your verse selection. Please check your internet connection, and if this error continues to occur please consider reporting a bug.

I am using Open LP 2.4.6

Thanks Kevin


  • @Baldy55_ Version 2.4.6 has issues because the BIBLE websites have changed since it was created. There are a few ways around around the issue....

    1. You could go to and copy the verses you need into a custom slide....not a very good workaround in my opinion, but it would work.
    2. If you are adventures, we can give you instructions to bypass the wizard and create the Bible database yourself.
    3. If you tell us what versions you want, we can provide the Bible databases that will work and pull the verses from the bible gateway site. The Bible databases would be empty, but each time you search for a verse it would be added to the database. The file would be the same as if you used the wizard to create it.

    Let us know how you want to git your Bible Versions.

  • I'd like the instructions to create the data base myself please?

  • @RickP I believe i can assist you in obtaining an importable bible. You can send me a message if you're interested.

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