Can you have two themes presenting the lyrics at the same time on two different screens?

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Hi, well my question is that if it is possible to present the lyrics of the songs on two different screens in different formats.

I have 3 outputs in my computer, one for my pc monitor, and the second is for the projector. We will like to present the lyrics on the congregation screens and on the stream from the same computer, the only thing that we need to do is to have a way that presents the lyrics in a subtitle format and a HDMI that outputs from the PC to the video mixer.

My question is ¿can you run two different themes at the same time and project one theme on the projector and the other theme on the stream?

Thanks for your patience, I accept suggestions too for this complicated problem.

God bless


  • Lau,

    Here is a suggestion & some background:

    We have used a 3rd output for a stage display (via HTTP) with OpenLP for almost 6 years now. This is accomplished by having Google Chrome "live" fullscreen on the 3rd monitor, and it is only used for this purpose. Once we started streaming back in our facility almost a year ago, what I was able to do was create a custom "stage display" to get my lyrics formatted suitable for showing as subtitles or lower 3rds on the bottom of our stream. (stream lyrics matched main screens with only one operator). (The stage display has very basic formatting so that it can be keyed into our video software as an overlay).

    My suggestion to your query would be to use a custom formatted stage display, and simply have a fullscreen browser always be on the screen that is feeding to your video mixer via HDMI. If by some chance your video mixer can accept HTTP inputs (similar to the browser control in OBS Studio), you might be able to bypass the 3rd display entirely, and simply pull the HTTP stage display into the video.

    Basically OpenLP -> custom stage display -> HDMI -> video mixer

  • LauLau
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    Thank you so much for the quick response, gerry.

    Your response is very helpful. Your setup is exactly what I need.

    The part that I didnt knew that was possible is having a custom stage screen ¿How you made a custom stage display? Can you have multiple stage screens all with different themes? Im thinking one for the stream, another for the musicians, one for the pastor, etc. Its possible?

    I'd really like to guide me more on how you have configured your setup, if its possible in a step by step way, Im really new in all of this.

    I tell you my setup now in case is necessary. The video mixer is a little ATEM Mini Pro (I dont think that can accept HTTPS inputs) that one operator uses to change the live video from one camera to another, and we are connected to the video mixer from an HDMI using a 2nd computer. The lyrics appears on the stream like you have, in a subtitle form or lower 3rds; mine has a theme that is all black and letters in white. The operator has a LUMA overlay that only allows white to appear on the screen

    Thank you for you great suggestions, I'd will look it up and investigate more. God bless

  • Hi Lau

    I think that you ara using some software like OBS to streaming right?

    Maybe you need configure custom stages for remote plugin as gerry says. I suppose that you have control the output for each screen, then your configuration would be as follows:

    1. First Screen: PC -> HDMI -> OpenLP display (with theme or as you want)
    2. Second Screen: PC -> 2nd output (vga/another) -> Full screen Google Chrome with 1st stage path or live view using remote plugin
    3. Third Screen: PC -> 3rd output (vga/another) -> Full screen Google Chrome with 2st stage path or live view using remote plugin
  • Lau,

    Sorry for not getting back to you.

    The above links are where I got my information about the custom stage views, and used them as a template to create the one that I needed. I just use a white text on black background, and then color key it using OBS to get a semi-transparent background overlay on the video for the lyric text

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