Generating Themes for non-standard resolutions

While our fellowship continues to hold meetings via Zoom, we have a team of people who take it in turn to be responsible for using OpenLP and sharing their screen for a meeting. To ensure a consistency of presentation, I create the necessary Themes for the different resolutions being used by setting one of my screens to the required resolution and using that as the target for the Themes I create.

Unfortunately, one of the team has a monitor that uses a non-standard resolution to which I cannot set any of my screens. Is there any way I can successfully create the necessary Themes without access to the monitor?


  • Not currently, but you can modify an existing theme in OpenLP's data directory inside the theme folder. openlp/themes/

    Enter the folder with the same name as your theme. You'll find a xml file. In that file you'll have to change the <location ... /> tags in both the main and footer font section to your needs. The background does not have a location as it scales to the screen size. Also make sure you set the "override" attribute to "True" on both "location" tags.

  • Thanks. Have given it a go and am waiting to find how the team member finds the Themes I've generated.

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