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Since I don't use Powerpoint but other office software such as Libre, isn't it possible for LP to support it for presentations?


  • @Morvyn, i'm also interested in this. But I have a couple of questions that I'd like to ask you, first.

    1. What Operating System are you installing OpenLP onto? and
    2. What version of OpenLP are you running, or trying to run?

    The reason for my questions is that I can't even install the latest(?) beta of OLP to my Mac because I don't have PowerPoint.

    I have successfully downloaded the .dmg file, but when I run the installation programme, I get asked for the location of PP and there's no option to say that I don't have it. I have tried pressing «cancel», but that sends the installer into a tailspin from which it never recovers. That's occurred multiple times.

    I posted a question about this on 1 July in the "Official 3.0 Beta Discussion" group, but there's been no reply. ????

    I'm stumped, and I'd love some assistance. (I'm not saying that the assistance has to come from you! I think that you're an end user, just like I am.) I know that the developers are all volunteers and that they do what they can when they can, but have they all gone on holidays at the same time?



    NSW, Australia

  • An afterthought.

    Ideally, I'd love it if the native Mac applications - especially Keynote - were supported. But I realise that I'm probably asking a bit much.

    However, it doesn't hurt to ask, does it?



  • Windows 10 & the latest version of LP. I would like to run a looped presentation without having to make a video, but without support for either Libre or Openoffice/WPS . it's not possible.

  • @Morvyn I have a workaround that works for me. I output the Presentation as images. Load the images into OpenLP in a folder. Now add the folder to the service and RIGHT click on the service item. You can select Auto Play Slides. If the timing is not to your liking you can adjust it with the same Right click.

  • @JohnM Presumably without audio which defeats the point.

  • OpenLP 2.9.3 supports LibreOffice, PowerPoint for Mac and Keynote.

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