Outputs to Projector and televisions

i am using your current version of software 2.4.6 on our church computer. When I installed it the software recognized my three video outputs and gave me the option to pick the one for the projector which was on output #2. My desktop monitor is on output #1 both are working fine. But my output #3 which has the our tv's do not work because the software is not using the live stream that shows on the lower box to be directed to another output.

Is there another way outside of a completely rewiring the two video cards outputs on the computer? Each output card has a splitter with two possible routes. video card #1 has the pc monitor and the projector. Then card #2 has the wall TV's and a spare output which is the Output #3.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. i am using Windows 7 on this computer as of now and would hopefully be upgrading soon if i can get these issues resolved. I tried to upgrade to your 2.9.1 but it keep telling me a file was missing and when I uninstalled the software it crashed and would let me go back to the original software. i had to go into the past install locations and delete folders that were left behind in the uninstall process.



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