Beta version 2.9.2

When testing the new version on my laptop the live preview screen on the bottom did not show the PowerPoint slide correctly. (See Attached File) The same PowerPoint presentation shows correctly in your version 2.4.2. I am running this software in Windows 11 Pro. I tried two different PowerPoint presentations and both had the same results.


  • Remote Main view is showing my desktop, not the screen I want projected. I'm testing on a single screen/monitor laptop. When I enter the remote/main url into OBS, it displays the multi screen display of OpenLP. When I enter the remote/main url to a Raspberry Pi, it also shows the multi screen OpenLp desktop view. Remote/stage view does work thru the Raspberry Pi, but I want to stream the projected LIVE view.

  • When you have the presentation in the live section the live display shows exactly what the display screen shows. Because you are showing the destop you see the desktop on the preview. If instead you open the presentation in the preview section the preview display should show the presentation.

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