Chromebook Update

There were some discussions from 2014 and 2017 about using OpenLP on Chromebooks so I thought I'd share my experience in 2020/2021.

OpenLP (2.4) is usable on newish Chromebooks with Linux container support. When we first started streaming services we got by with the Chromebook until we acquired a new desktop. And, our next service will be streamed from a park on the other side of town so I'll be taking the Chromebook instead of packing up the desktop.

There are a couple of display related issues in the container environment:

  • In "Settings" there is an option to choose monitor one or monitor two, but it only actually displays on the main display. I did try manually adjusting the position in "Settings" to move the slide to the other display, but that wasn't working. So, I just run it in mirrored mode.
  • When displaying live the slide is offset from the top of the screen so the border of the openlp window shows through and the copyright is cut off. Could maybe mitigate that by using a negative position in "Settings" but haven't bothered to try.

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