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I am loading an order of service with 5 items in it - and introduction, 3 hymns and a bible reading. I have saved 4 of these items to a file, and this can be retrieved, but when I add the 5th item (one of the hymns) and click on 'Save', I get the error message "There was an error saving your file" If I delete this hymn from the service, the other 4 items are still there and usable.


  • @DFE What version of OpenLP are you using? and on what Operating system?

  • Sorry for the delay, I was using the computer at Church this morning.

    I was able to add the final item to the service, but it would still not save it to file.

    The version of OpenLP is 2.4 and the operating system is Windows 10.

  • @DFE Let's see if we can get more details on this issue.

    Load your files again, but use a different song. Then try to save the service. If the service saves without error there may be something about the specific file you were adding.

    If you still have the error, try using the File Menu to save the service as a different name. If you are still having issues, you will need to post the error logs so we can look into this more. The manual can tell you how to find the log files. I would suggest deleting the log files, starting OpenLP and going through the process to save the service and closing OpenLP. This way the log only has the information about your run with the error.

  • Thanks for your thoughts. We have a rota for the projection and I no longer have the computer, which generally stays at our church until needed. I have taken note of your suggestions and will try them at a later date.

    By adding the hymn to the order of service this morning I was able to project the whole service, but on closing the computer down it would still not save it.

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    I think I may have figured what's going on here. @DFE and I are using the same OpenLP db.

    One of the songs he found caused this problem gave me the same error (StF18). When I looked at that song in the editor, I noted that it had an MP3 file associated with this song (in the 'Linked Audio' tab of the song editor). The link to that MP3 will be broken when the db is transferred to a.n.other PC.

    When I removed the linked MP3 I could then save the service file.

    This might be the problem. I'm not sure if this is a known issue?

  • @revmarkp There a lot of issues with shared databases, and yes this is known. The best way around this type of error is to put ALL of the files in exactly the same directory on all computers that use the database.

    For example on Windows 10 you would have to create a directory on the root C: drive. Then put all your pictures there and your MP3 files and your presentations....EVERYTHING. Then add them to the database. OpenLP saves the location of all content added to it in the database. It is very important not to move files from the location they were added from even if you don't share databases! I have gone so far as to move my OpenLP data directory to the same directory on the root of C:. Something like this:

  • Thx @JohnM, I can see the sense in what you're saying. However I'm using a mixture of windows and linux (Ubuntu) so not quite that simple! Fortunately we don't (currently) do much with the audio linked songs...

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