Saving Service and adding dual bible verse with quick search


I recently updated to 2.9.2 on a Windows 10 computer. I was previously using an older version on a Windows XP laptop. The updated version is great but I'm having some issues.

Searching with multiple versions:

  • When I am trying to do a quick search with lets say KJV and a Spanish version it will not pull up the search.
  • If I search the reference with any of the bibles individually, it does populate the verses, but not if I have dual bibles.
  • Also, I have used the select search and it does work but not with the quick search. That is my preferred method of searching as it is faster.

Saving a service:

  • I have tried saving to the current file and to a new file and either way I reopen it and the service manager is blank.

I could not find any current threads with these issues. Below you will find some images to hopefully clarify what I'm trying to do. I appreciate any assistance or insight.

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