Powerpoint Woes - Presentations only run correctly once?

Hi guys

Long time OLP user running 2.4.6 with Office 2019. It's great and has added so much to my church's worship over the last few years. I have had a few issues with PowerPoint for a while now but as these can be worked around I haven't reported them until now (stupid I know).

My problems are these:

  1. If I add a presentation on my laptop at home (same versions of OLP and Office) and transfer the service (via dropbox) to our church PC, thepresentations will not run until I import the oriignal presentations to my OLP library on the church PC, delete them from the service and then reimport them into the service from the library. Not a big problem - easy to work around once you figure it out.
  2. This is the more annoying issue for me. Once I import the Powerpoint, it runs perfectly the first time I run it from inside OLP but if I go back to run it a second time it just refuses to run. So if I have run a quick check through all the items/slides in my service (i'm cautious about these things), I can guarantee it won't run when I am actually working through the service for real. I need to close and restart OLP to get it to work again.

Now I am very open to the possibility I am doing something stupid and I might have set something up incorrectly. I have tried to search through the forums and haven't seen this problem reported before so please deal with this poor child graciously if I am also being a foolish one!

But any advice or suggestions will be grateful received



  • @Baldrick PowerPoint is a problem with version 2.4.6 of OpenLP. The first issue you listed is common as the path to the file is different between the two computers. You may be able to work around this issue by putting all the source files for your OpenLP database in a common directory before you add them to OpenLP. In my case I created a directory on the Root of the drive (C:\openlp_Data) on both PCs. I moved all my source files to this directory or directories under this directory and only add from this location. To make it simpler to move from my home PC to the church PC I also moved the OpenLP data directory into this same location.

    The second issue appears to be a known issue with PowerPoint. The PowerPoint viewer does not completely close out once it has been called and the slides are displayed. The next time it is called it is still running and confused about running again. A workaround would be to export the presentation as a PDF file and use the PDF file in your service. Not ideal, but it will let you work through the issue until the next version of OpenLP is released.

  • The first problem is just a path issue like mentioned above. I am running OpenLP 2.4.6 also with PowerPoint 2019 from MS Office Home and Student on windows 10. I have not encountered the second problem. If it is something to do with powerpoint viewer, I would suggest making sure you only have one version of powerpoint installed, and ensure powerpoint viewer is not installed. PowerPoint viewer is a depreciated piece of software, and has issues. I will be testing on the church computer this weekend.

    Have you tried waiting to import the files at all until you are at the church? Does it behave differently with a service created at the church that hasn't been transferred?

  • Thanks for the replies - I've been away for a couple of weeks. Can I just check 1 thing -I don't have - and have never to the best of my knowledge - had the standalone PowerPoint Viewer installed on this PC. It's always been a full version of Office.

    So when you are talking about the PPT Viewer are you talking about the standalone Microsoft player or just the code used by PPT to actually display the presentation or some part of OLP's code stitching the two together?

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    PowerPoint Viewer is a separate application that Microsoft released that allowed people to show their presentations on computers without PowerPoint. Microsoft stopped developing it over 10 years ago.

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