Powerpoint 2007 slides sync to MP3 file does not always show on projector screen.

Whilst I do have a Windows 10 Laptop and Powerpoint 2019 I just could not get reliable sync with music file to slides.

I have therefore over last year used my other Laptop windows 7 and PowerPoint 2007. All has worked well with a comination of custom slides and media MP4 files.

However, for some unko

wn reason the Powerpoint files open Ok with music but slides to not show on laptop and image is that of my Desktop screen which also appears on projector screen. I can still show media and custom slides y helpbut have to log out of OpenLP which clears the problem at first or second attempt.

Has anyone got any ideas? Have started with a new PPSX file and new service but issue comes and goes and have lost confidence, any help would be great.

Many thanks,



  • I tried to sent 4 Screen Shot images which paints a thousand words but get error 413 so have copied text relevant to each slide with majority of PPSX files being no issue but a real issue when default to Desktop image with sound & no slides! Any advice please?

    1.      PowerPoint PPSX file opens OK with sound and shown on Projection Screen 2. In this case no preview slides but no real issue

    2.      Intermittent fault. PowerPoint PPSX file opens with sound only and projection screen 2 shows Desktop background

    3.      Intermittent fault. PowerPoint PPSX file opens with sound only preview slides but projection screen 2 defaults to Desktop Background

    4.      95% of PowerPoint PPSX files open OK with sound and shown on Projection Screen 2 with no issues.

    a.      Out of 95% about 25% open in this format below with preview slidesas well!

    b.     However, out of 95% OK about 75% open as shown in figure 1 without preview. This is OK as slides on projection screen 2 steps through in phase with music MP3 file referenced to PowerPoint from laptop Music Folder but not embedded in it.

    Configuration set up & Rationale

    ·        Vostro 3300 with SSHD

    ·        Windows 7 Professional

    ·        PowerPoint 2007 (I found along with others PowerPoint 2019 MP3 file could not deliver consistent synchronization of slides).

    ·        We are a relatively small village community and at the moment do not have a music group so rely on media MP4 files or MP3 Audio in phase with PowerPoint slides. The system generally works really well but the described intermittent issue has caused a lack of confidence which is a shame. I have to quickly change from Extended Monitor to Duplicate and open PowerPoint file from Desktop as my contingency plan but causes a blip in continuity.

    ·        In terms of developing the PowerPoint slides I use my standard template then, build up lyrics on each slide. Return to slide 1 and import music slide. Then set transition to automatic and stop after relevant slide numbers. Following this I rehearse timings for each slide and then do a test run and if OK save to a PPX file.

    ·        I do a check at home using HDMI cable to a TV monitor to ensure all ok

    ·        I have just re-produced the examples at random at home on monitor and trust you can provide me with a help to find a reliable solution many thanks



  • Rather than using PowerPoint for a job it was never intended, have you tried using songs with linked audio?

    See this section in the manual: https://manual.openlp.org/songs.html#linked-audio

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