Beta 64-bit Theme with Transparent background

Hi, just want to know why when I use transparent background, on the remote live liew still can see my desktop wallpaper, is there a bug or is that normal?

I am thinking of using transparent background so I can use the lyrics in OBS to do lowerthird & camera without chromakey, and projector can see the desktop background with lyrics.

I have try custom stage view but it didn't work for me. I am bad on the coding.


  • Transparent background does what it says. The background of OPenlp window is transparent to the next layer of the display. in your case that sounds like the desktop. If you had your video window on that display you may get what you are expecting.

    However I find using a background colour on the slides abd OBS Studio's ability to use any colour as a chromakey to be a better soloution. It dosen't rely on the display hardware, and you can control the scenes better. You can also set non transparent area. I use R:0,G0,B26 as by chroma key colour which is close enough to black that if we aren't video mixing it looks black. Then I can have a theme with a black box where the tex goes, and still use different colours for parts in songs and people in the liturgy we use.

  • The better way to do this is to set up OBS with an HTML stage view from OpenLP formatted to do the overlay.

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