Time Displayed in 'Browser Open-LP' for OBS Remote settings

OK, so I clicked on the 'Defaults' button in the "Properties for 'Browser Open-LP'" window. As a result I lost all my settings.

I'm having difficulty getting back to my custom settings. The browser displays scripture in the upper middle area of the window and it displays the time in upper rite area of box.

Prior to the click of Defaults button the window reflected what was displayed in the Second Window (Screen 2), with the same formats.


  • Defaults - resets inputs to its default values - width, height, etc. If in troubles with OBS try exporting current scene settings as a backup before you start experimenting.

    If you want to see the same image what you get from openlp on Screen2, then you should set your URL value into:

    URL ending:

    • /stage - text only view for confidence monitors
    • /main - openlp output copy
    • / - openlp web management interface
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