Open LP and Windows 11

Has testing been done to see how version 2.4.6 goes on Windows 11? Recommended, not recommended? Our church laptop is wanting to upgrade to 11 which I'd like to do, but not if it creates issues for Open LP.



  • For me it is working fine on Win11, but I did a clean install of windows

    You should backup your Datafolder (Tools->Open Data folder) in case anything goes wrong

  • Our church laptop is in the same position. I have a big service coming up next Sunday, but after that I will take a full backup of the machine and then click the "Download and install" button.

    I will report how it goes!

  • Hi, change of plan. Another big week this Sunday, so I will do it next week.



  • Hi,

    Last week I upgraded the church laptop to Windows 11 from the Windows Update settings screen. It didn't take very long, and produced no error messages.

    After testing, during last Sunday's service I used the laptop with OpenLP, with songs having audio tracks attached, and a PowerPoint presentation during the service. All worked normally from OpenLP.

    The only (minor) problem I found is that without warning the upgrade process had changed my Sound Scheme from "No sounds" to "Windows Default", and this caused a couple of "dings" to be heard over the church loudspeakers when Windows popped up a message to tell me about something routine. The place to change the sound scheme has moved and during the service I couldn't find it, but it's there in the System>Sound settings page, under "More sound settings".

    It's still early days but overall it has been a smooth upgrade process, and all seems to be working OK.

    The day before the service I used the laptop to host a Google Meet during our bible study, with an external USB microphone and external USB camera attached. Again, no problems.

    FYI I'm using a Dell Latitude 5300 almost two years old, 8th Gen i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, 256 GB NVMe disk. Windows Pro, OpenLP v2.4.6, MS Office 2019 (not 365). The only other software I use on the machine is Audacity, VLC and a Veeam backup agent and they are working well also.

    Kind regards,


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