Using web view with clean text of current verse for live streaming overlays(solved)

edited December 2021 in Development

EDIT: I solved the problem using a custom stage view. I just deleted everything but the current verse from the stage.html and moved the relevant css from the OBS Browser source properties to stage.css

For some time now I have been using the stage view and a bit of css as a way to get the current slide into OBS asa browser source giving me text that can be formatted and overlayed on the stream

I went to test out 2.9.3 because I was interested in using the chords view but the stage view page has been reformatted breaking everything

I was going to just tweak the css but the source is now obfuscated with a mass of javascript and css.

Since we are messing with the webserver in the next version Can we add a view that is just the clean text of the active slide? It would be very useful for making livestreaming overlays.

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