Add ability to pass keyboard shortcuts onto PowerPoint


We are using OpenLP in a church setting where we also provide a Zoom option for those shut-in from COVID-19. We have recently started getting visitors that don't use English as their first language and have learned that PowerPoint has a live caption and translate feature that puts captions on the screen in a target language while allowing our speakers to speak freely in English. We would like to use this, but I am struggling on how to turn it on and off while using OpenLP. Right now to toggle it on and off using a keyboard shortcut, we must switch over to the presenter view and press the "J" button, or click the button. Unfortunately I see no way for us to pass this keyboard shortcut from OpenLP to the presentation. I know it's sending the keyboard keys for moving slides from one to another, but is there a way we could have this passed along too? We do not wish to have captions on all the time, for example during songs. Is there a way we can have the ability to create new shortcuts that can then be passed onto PowerPoint accordingly?


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