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I wonder if you can help. We integrate OpenLP with OBS for our livestreaming. The only way I've found of OBS capturing the OpenLP output is to create a Display source in OBS. The problem with this is that, with Multi screens, we find that OpenLP sometimes chooses to project to another screen. This is okay for technically proficient users, but more problematic for others. Is there a way that OpenLP can project to a window (as I know Powerpoint for example can) so that OBS can capture that instead. I looked at capturing OpenLP from a web browser but unfortunately that doesn't work for video.


  • OpenLP does actually just use a window. Have you set your screens in the settings?

  • WIth OpenLP running in Live mode, in OBS, add a Window Capture to the Sources. You will see the OpenLP display window in the list. It won't matter where that window is, that is, where OpenLP is projecting (screen 1, 2, 3...)

    But you should always know where OpenLP will project - select the desired Screen in OpenLP Settings.

    If you don't want to project, or even see, the OpenLP Live display, you can have it show on Screen 1, but set the location of X to minus (width-1). But I'm not sure why you would want that.

  • I've changed my approach to including lyrics, prayers and images in an OBS scene. I'm now using OBS browser sources that reference OpenLP custom stage views for lyrics (lower third) and prayers (inset), rather than capturing and resizing the OpenLP display. For images, I just use the existing MAIN web view.

    On our pretty basic PC, the browser sources use less CPU time to record/stream than capturing a display or window.

    There is some discussion elsewhere on using custom stages. Once you wrap your head around the naming conventions and file locations, it's so simple.

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