Openlp takes a long time (2-3 minutes) to close. Here is the log entry that shows the closing.

2022-02-18 15:01:17,719 Dummy-2 asyncio                         ERROR  Task was destroyed but it is pending! task: <Task pending name='Task-3' coro=<IocpProactor.accept.<locals>.accept_coro() running at asyncio\windows_events.py:566> wait_for=<_OverlappedFuture cancelled>>

SYSTEM is OMEN Laptop Win 11 AMD RYZEN 5000 series 6-core; GPUs AMD Radeon on board internal display and NVIDIA RTX external display

Run Openlp a second time on the same machine, and closing is faster.


  • This long shut down remains an issue. The solution is with the initial install.

    As you see, unavailable items are marked. The shutdown process then tries to close all these connecters which are unavailable. The close requests then wait for a response which is not forthcoming. If a service is unavailable the default show be unselected.

  • I hope that the long closing time can be solved sometime. It was present in every portable version of Openlp I have used over the last decade.

    I have attached the log from 3.0.2 so that maybe something can stand out.


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