Now, OpenLP.exe is automatically deleted by McAfee & MalwareBytes

Well, this is getting serious. I was able to Exclude the "OpenLP.exe" on McAfee under Real-Time Scanning.

However, now the latest update of MalwareBytes is deleting the "OpenLP.exe." You can open the OpenLP.exe app on C drive or Portable USB version. OpenLP loads up and can be viewed, but after a few seconds it just disappears, and MalwareBytes says it has protected us.

Please, in the USA it's hard to protect your system from intruders, viruses, and malware. I've used McAfee and MalwareBytes for years. Now, I must remove these programs. I'm a retired computer engineer from Boeing. Being on the internet in the USA opens one's self to an intruder at least about every 12 minutes or so. Research has proven this. I've had to work with McAfee, Vendors and others trying to repair Windows OS computers for years. In the last few years, even the Apple computer have succumbed too. Microsoft came out with Windows 10 S to help, and Apple is locking their OS down too.

I wish I had more time to help as an engineer, but in my retirement I'm helping many non-profit organizations for free. You can check out my website for my ministry at for one. I've been trying to get OpenLP used at the many churches we visit to help them with OpenLP. I think it's great; especially, the new OpenLP 2.9.4.

So, don't tell me to uninstall these protections. I've emailed a report to McAfee to no avail, with no response.

Please, has anyone got any ideas?



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