Solution to McAfee and Malwarebytes deleting OpenLP.exe file in version 2.94 as a virus

I uninstalled both McAfee and Malwarebytes. Then I install AVG Internet Security Premium edition for 10 computers and only about $24.00 a year.

I'm ready now to start using OpenLP 2.9.4 on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Johnny Fowler


  • Is there a way to override McAfee detecting it as a virus? Any suggestions please

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    No, I've tried White listing, and it only last a short time or until I get an update on viruses from McAfee. I've emailed McAfee and Malwarebytes and neither will respond. It's quite aggravating. I've tried different Antivirus Software, everything from Norton, McAfee, AVG, etc. and the best software above all is Avira. There is a free version, but I suggest buying the 5 device Avira Prime package at a discount of 50 to 60% for the first year. I'm extremely happy with the functionality of speeding up my system plus protecting it. It is a partner of NortonLite in Germany, and they have the true methods of protecting your system. Norton lost popularity in the USA because it was so hard to uninstall. McAfee and Malwarebytes are in it for the money, with backing in the USA from applications designed in the USA. And now even McAfee is hard to uninstall and still leaves malware on your computer to get you to buy it after uninstalling it. It's time people in the USA woke up to the software available outside the USA. It's much better, more reliable and less expensive and in many cases free. I'm not advertising for companies, but I suggest

    This solves the problems with OpenLP for the moment. However, I believe it is the debugging functionality of the OpenLP users in the OpenLP.exe for release 2.9.4 that is causing the problem. We won't know for sure until release 3.0 comes out with no debugging functionality for testers.

    I've been a computer lover since 1969 when I wrote my first program in 8 bit words on and Univac Digital computer. I loved CPM and felt that MS-Dos was absolutely no good, when officially released with the XT in 1981. I guess Gates was one of the best marketers of the day. The Osborne computer was CPM and I loved it. It was one of the first laptops (extremely big) but it died in popularity, because Osborne was not a good marketer like Gates.


    Johnny Fowler

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