Feature Request: Volume Control Enhancements


Forgive me if these features have already been requested in the past or if there is a way to do these features that I haven't yet discovered.

We have a particular use case for OpenLP that makes use of but 5% of its feature set but we treasure it as, in our small setting, it enables us to have music in the service. We basically use it to cue up recorded music for traditional congregational worship: e.g., hymns, songs...etc. for the congregation to sing. We output audio only.

As we don't have the technical expertese at the moment for proper "show control" (for want of a better phrase) - people actively monitoring audio levels...etc., the service leader is usually at the helm of pressing the go button at the right moment! We use the App to remotely start something off, and when it finishes, it automatically stops.

The limitation we have found is with remote control of the volume.

The first feature request, then: is it possible to have the volume controls on the phone/tablet/ipad control the volume being output from the application?

Similarly, the second request: is it possible for there to be a "volume" setting that is unique to each item cued in the service manager. We have a few traditional organ hymns, but then more modern songs which are recorded louder. At the moment I am manually editing these quieter, exporting them, and re-importing them to the right level in the app. It would be wonderful if, in this scenario, we could pre-set the volume on a per-item basis.

Thank you,


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