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Hi there,

I have a problem with the way the authors work.

Firstly, we display authors the same as the way our songs are published.

i.e. Words and music by John Smith, 2002

One problem is that the window is not big enough for us to see to the end of the author.

For example, we can only see "Words and music by John Smi" Can you make it adjustable?

There are a lot of songs written by the same person, but with different dates.


To overcome this, we have gone with inputting two fields - the (1)author and (2) date.

This is the second problem:

We've put in "Words and music by John Smith" then we put the date, "2002"

It displays it as "Words and music by John Smith, 2002" sometimes, but when you close the program and open it again, it displays it as "2002, Words and music by John Smith"


I wonder if this would be a relatively simple problem to overcome?






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    hi nharry,

    there is no way to force the list of authors in a specific order.

    the font size of the author line is fixed for now but will be editable in a future version.



  • edited February 2009 is designed just to show the individual authors name only in the authors list.

    It's expected that the year would go in the copyright field.

  • I have a similar issue to this, though a little different. For some author credits, one author wrote words AND music, while some wrote only one or the other (on the same song, of course). Example: By Faith (Words: Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, and Stuart Townend; Music: Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, Stuart Townend, and Ruth Coleman). This works fine if opened from from the "Songs" Menu. But, if opened from a service, it shows up with a weird configuration: Words and Music: Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, and Stuart Townend; Music: Ruth Coleman. This looks awful, and has caused serious embarrassment to person(s) in our church who write new stanzas for songs: O How He Loves You And Me; Words and Music: Kurt Kaiser; Music: [name of person(s)]. This is a serious problem, and I'm wondering if it might possibly be remedied. Of course, I'm sure ya'll have bigger fish to fry!

    One more question: Is it possible to add an Author type? (i.e. "Arrangement") I currently just list these under the "music" option, but it would be nice to keep the data straight.

    Thanks for all the work ya'll put into this amazing software!

    A.R.H. (Jeruel Baptist)

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