Shutting Down Projector causes display issues

Hi! If I shut down my projector before exiting OpenLP, OpenLP detects a display change and will overlay the the presentation screen over the controls screen on the main monitor of my laptop. Reconnecting the projector doesn't solve the problem. Somehow I've been able to fix it, but I can't ever replicate exactly what I did to fix it. When I do have the projector on, I can't access the menus or specifically, the Screens settings to make the secondary screen the presentation screen again.

Any suggestions? Fortunately this has only happened to me, the more tech-y of my team. But if one my team gets stuck here and I can't help, we're in trouble!

Thanks much!

Brad from Poetice in Choma, Zambia


  • Hey Brad,

    There's an option in the display settings, "Display if single screen" -- uncheck that, and it might get around your issue.

  • It would be great if there could be an option to disable the automatic detection of display changes in v3 so that OpenLP remembers a particular configuration of displays.

    Otherwise, depending on what order you set things up in, OpenLP is continuously changing its display setup and you keep having to go in to the options to reset it.

    For example if someone accidentally unplugs the projector, OpenLP reconfigures itself to show on your laptop screen, then when the projector is connected again, you have to go into the options to make it work. Or if the projector is unplugged at the end of the service before OpenLP is shut down, the next time you start OpenLP you have to reconfigure the display options again.

    I may have missed something here but v2 didn't do that, it would remember the last setting even if the displays were not the same. This was easier for the tech team as it didn't matter what order things were plugged in / started up.

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