Sending mail today (June 1, 2022) from Anchor of Grace to help local churches with OpenLP

I'm mailing a letter to about 60 smaller churches in our local area to explaining how to get started with the new OpenLP 3.0 release candidate 1, version 2.9.4, called, “Mighty Malachi” [], which came out on January 18, 2022.

Attached is a copy of the letter I'm sending to these 60 churches. I hope this is ok, because I love OpenLP and have for years.


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    My major concern with training about OpenLP is the issue that OpenLP is detected as a bug by McAfee, Malwarbytes and Microsoft Defender Antivirus. I'm using AVG and have no trouble with this issue except when I disable AVG to use the Remote http:// functionality of main, stage, chords and control with IOS or Android phones.

    I've read that this will probably cease when the Windows deployment version of OpenLP 3.0 is released, and we are no longer using release candidates like 2.9.4 and the next release of 2.9.5.

    If you read my pdf letter above, can you provide a positive response for users in the USA? If not, would this problem be fixed by running only the Linux versions. I have successfully ran on the latest Ubuntu and Linux Mint version. Any good news?

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