Powerpoint slide previews

At one time I could scroll through all the slides in a Powerpoint presentation in the upper portion of the Live section on the OpenLP interface. This was very handy if I had to change slides for the speaker (knowing what the next slide looked like). Now all I see is a blue screen. I can see the current slide in the lower portion, but only a blue screen in the upper section. Is there a way to fix this?



  • This sometimes works for me and sometimes doesn't, and I have not worked out yet what makes the difference. But I was running a powerpoint yesterday using the v3 beta and I got preview of all the slides in the top part of the window.

    What version of OpenLP and Powerpoint and windows or mac?

  • There are two laptops we are using. One is running Windows 11, OpenLP version 2.4.6 and Powerpoint is part of Office 2016. The other laptop has the same issue. It's running the same version of OpenLP but I can't say for sure about the Windows or Office versions.

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