Rerun First time wizard, or … ?

Hi all,

I don't think that this is an issue specifically related to any particular version of OpenLP, but it is possible that it might be. I'm running OpenLP 2.9.4 on a MacBook Pro, running macOS Big Sur 11.6.5

When I set up OpenLP using the First Time Wizard on the church's Mac laptop, I didn't include the Bible tool (because we don't use any of the Bible versions available) or one of the other tools - can't remember which one now - because we don't use that function.

Now, however, the Bible version that we use has become available for importing to OpenLP. How do I set up the Bible function? Do I need to re-run the first time wizard, or can I just set up the Bible part on its own? If I can set up the Bible part on its own, do I do that by re-running the firs time wizard and deselecting everything except the Bible set up?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

Every blessing,



  • If 2.9.4 is anything like 2.4.6 on Linux/Windows, there's on option via the File menu: Import > Blble.

  • Thanks for replying, @NorfolkGreg.

    I thought there was an option to just import a Bible, but I can't see it in 2.9.4 now.

    Under File/Import, I now have Settings, Theme, Song, CCLI Song Select, and Planning Center (Spelled incorrectly!) Service. As below. There's definitely no 'Bible'.

    But as I've been typing my response, I've started to wonder if that Import/Bible appears only if you have included the Bible Tool when you ran the First Time wizard. That would make sense of my current situation. But overcoming that was my initial query.



  • Here's where I confess that I use the portable version of 2.4.6 under Windows.

    One of the huge advantages of the portable version is that it enables you to run several completely independent versions on the same machine for testing purposes. Any portable version has no affect on any other copy already installed whether installed with the Windows installer or not.

    If no one comes forward with better advice, and you have access to a friend with a Windows machine, it could be worth downloading the paf.exe file to a USB stick and, on their machine, create a version similar to your Bible Free version on the stick. You can then run the first time install again to to test whether any options you choose conflict/corrupt with your existing installation. (I got into horrible trouble once with multiple copies of Public Domain songs after I had run the First Time Wizard a second time.)

    Totally Unnecessary Background Follows:

    Yesterday I had to stand in for our regular Lyrics Projection guy - who uses MediaShout - and it was the first time I had created a service and run it since Christmas 2019, so I don't have the greatest familiarity with the software.

    I created the service on my desktop from notes our worship leader provided. I have a portable copy mounted on my hard disk. I then saved the service file onto a memory stick where I had a portable copy installed and inserted in my laptop. I got briefly confused as that copy had no songs in its library.

    Only then did I remember that I had another portable copy on the hard disk in the laptop. That one did have the songs in it - not that it mattered as the service file includes all the songs and media used. That brought up another discovery. I run the media with VLC. That too is stalled on all my machines in a portable format, but OpenLP has no facility to tell it where VLC is installed. It assumes you have a standard installation, so I had to install a second copy of VLC - and LibreOffice as my copy of that is portable too! and I wanted to load the missing songs into the other portable copy.

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    A bit of research on the forum suggests that a tweak to the portable.ini file will allow a portable copy of VLC can be integrated with OpenLP, but people have difficulty getting LibreOffice detected.


  • Hi Greg,

    First of all, I need to say thanks for all of the work that you’re putting into this issue of mine! I really do appreciate it.

    Secondly, I don’t have any friends who have Windows machines. I’ve converted all of those I did have to use a Mac; the few who refused to convert are no longer friends. ????

    Now, where was I going?

    Seriously, I don't think that I have any friends, at least nearby, who have Windows laptops and would allow me to experiment in the way that you're describing. Maybe this is one of the hazards of living in rural and regional areas. I think that my best way forward is to dig up an old Mac of mine and install OpenLP onto it, again without the Bible tool. I'll then copy a few files from my production machine onto the test machine, and then re-run the first-time wizard to see what happens.

    You said:

    (I got into horrible trouble once with multiple copies of Public Domain songs after I had run the First-Time wizard a second time.)

    I'm fairly certain that there's an option where you can choose whether or not you want to install those public domain songs. I think that you must have forgotten to de-select that option. I think that there are some other options along the way, too.



  • Hi Andrew,

    I know the troubles of being rural. (Norfolk refers to the UK county) Even in town the broadband upload speed at church is 1Mbps, so no streaming of our services is possible and the online services I do produce use video at WhatsApp size (800x450px) to ensure those in the surrounding villages don't suffer too much buffering. I abandoned a satellite Internet connection at home a couple of years ago. We now rely on a mobile connection via an external directional antenna pointed at a mast 1.9 miles away.

    Without better knowledge of OpenLP you proposal to install on another system to test is probably best.

    You are right. There is a First Time Wizard option to install a collection of public domain songs. I recall the default has it turned on. My mistake was to accept it and then go through the process of installing further files of songs from various sources.

    It left me with a random collection of duplicate songs where the duplicates had different meta data and often different lyrics. With my more recent installations I have refused the the default PD collection and limited myself to volumes from "Songs of Fellowship" our primary music source at church. (But, as is warned in the OpenLP documentation, the import is not entirely consistent as the disks themselves in vols1-5 are not consistent).

  • Hi Greg,

    I have learned some things in the last 15 or so hours! But where do I begin? I think that I'll begin with what should have been the simplest solution, but only in the last 5 minutes have I discovered this.

    In the Settings menu, the top item is Manage Plugins (Settings/Manage Plugins)

    That opens a little window which lists all of the OpenLP plugins, whether or not you activated them on your initial installation. The Plugin window looks like this:

    My Library panel looks like this:

    And the Import menu (File/Import) looks like this:

    But what I discovered today is that I can tick the little Status box to make a Plugin either Active (ticked) or not Active (not ticked). (Yes, I know that the word should be inactive, but I used 'not Active' because the box is labelled Active and I want to be consistent with the wording on the screen.)

    So now, having ticked the Bible Status Active box, the left panel in the Manage Plugins window has changed but I'll also have a new item in the Import menu (File/Import)

    Had I discovered this on 1 July, I could have saved both of us an extraordinarily long time!

    I said at the beginning of this post that I've learned "some things" in the last 15 or so hours, and that's true. But after writing the above, I'm not sure if I want to go through my list and detail everything else. At least, not now. Maybe one day.

    I hope that the pain that I've gone through to learn all of this will help someone else, sooner or later.

    (Please note, that all of my screenshots and menu descriptions are taken from the macOS version of OpenLP 2.9.4.

    I have no experience with OpenLP on any other platform so I don't know if it looks the same or if the menu items are exactly the same as I have described here. Even if they are not exactly the same, hopefully there is enough similarity that you can make use of what I have written.)

    Every blessing,


    P.S. Greg, I did notice the Norfolk and had wondered if you were on Norfolk Island. That's a small island off the east coast of Australia. Specifically, it is almost due east of the town of Ballina which is the most easterly point on the Australian mainland.

  • Now I'm really annoyed with myself! The Manage Plug-ins dialogue is the first thing to which I should have referred you. I have played with that in the past and discovered the effects of (in)activating plugins on the visibility of menu options.Blame it on me not having launched OpenLP in two and a half years until last week.

    Another thing that put me off was the "Planning Center" Plug-in. I don't have that. It replaces the "Remote" option on v2.4.6. I see that you now have it "Inactive" which will account for it going missing on your Import sub-menu. (I must investigate whether its a renaming of the plug-in that now has extended facilities or just something completely different.)

    Glad you appear to have sorted things!


    As a Brit, I always assume there are lots of Americans here, rather than Australians, I worry that they'll think of the very urban Norfolk, Virginia. (I also wonder what Americans make of the David Bowie lyric that refers to the "Norfolk Broads". They could so easily confuse assume it refers to women of a naval town, while it does, in fact, refer to one of our National Parks, a network of meandering rivers and adjoining lakes, that were discovered in the 1960s not to be natural but flooded medieval peat diggings (thanks to rising sea levels) that is now a major boating holiday area with wildlife in abundance.

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