OpenLP is not Displaying Live Powerpoint Slides on Display Screen

Hey, so I have been having a lot of issues with my Church's OpenLP program and was wondering if anyone can help out. So, there used to not be any issues, but now the presentations for PowerPoint are not really working. When you load up OpenLP and add a slideshow to live without opening PowerPoint it crashes OpenLP. But, if you open PowerPoint before hand it does not crash, but it does display the live slides correctly. By that I mean I can pull the slides up in preview and live, but they do not show up on the second monitor (our case the TV). However, videos still work it is just the presentation slides. So, videos will play just fine on the Display Screen. But, when you open up the presentation slides and send it to live like usual it does nothing. All that shows up on the Display Screen is the Open LP logo with the white background. Originally it wasn't reading PowerPoint as an option, but I think that is fixed cause it now shows up in the Presentation options of settings. Although, I do not know if this will stay fixed. I have reinstalled OpenLP and VLC Media Player. I tried reverting back to 2.4.6, but more problems came up when I did that and I did not want to try and deal with that. I have updated Windows and Microsoft Office. I tried exporting the PowerPoint Slides as a PDF and using those instead, but that did not work and gave an error message. I have played around with pretty much all the settings. So, I am not sure what it could be. I saw some old discussion posts that mentioned downloading PowerPoint Viewer. But, that program was discontinued and I can not find a download for it. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this that will be awesome. I am going back in Monday to work on it more and probably will be doing it most of next week. So, if you need anymore specs or details I can do that. Any help is appreciated and I will try and respond as fast as I can. Thank you so much!


-Jacob E.


OpenLP Version: 2.9.4

Windows 10 64 bit

Latest version of Powerpoint

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