Some Custom Formatting not working in V2.9.4


We mainly use OpenLP V2.4.6 and have many custom slides which include Custom Formatting Tags.

In particular we have added tags Big, Small and Center which map to HTML tags <big>, <small> and <center> (!)

While setting up a new computer using V2.9.4, we've noticed that while Big and Small still work, Center appears to do nothing.

Additional notes :

  • I've confirmed the issue is OpenLP version related by running two different versions on the same PC via the Portable Apps versions on different drives.
  • We actually having multiple issues with custom formatting in V2.9.4, but this problem is the easiest to explain
  • I'll start a separate discussion about how the font appears 'thinner' in V2.9.4

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.


Stuart Poore


  • As I alluded to in another post of yours, we updated the technology used to render the text. This has caused some discrepancies between the older version of OpenLP and the newer version.

    Can you list all the other formatting tags that don't work? Then we can look at how you can fix them to work with the newer version of OpenLP.

    For instance, I believe with <center>, you need to change it to <div style="text-align: center"> and </div>.

  • Scratch that, it doesn't work either. But I suspect I know why. I'll see what I can do about it.

  • Thanks for the quick response. As I get screenshots of some of the other issues, and nail down exactly what the differences are, I'll raise separate posts.

    Thanks again.

  • @Stuart_P bring all the formatting tags problems in there, they're all related. I want to get a list and see what is not working, so that I know what needs to be fixed.

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    OK Raoul. Thanks for showing an interest

    Here's my next formatting issue ...

    Using the same custom tags as before, yet having a 2nd slide, additional standard formatting (in this example yellow) fails when processing the <center> custom tag.

    It appears to make no difference if I hard code the screen break or let it 'overflow' onto a 2nd screenful as shown in the example below.

    Below are

    Image (1) OpenLP main screen showing (a) the contents of the custom slide, (b) the live text only display and (c) the live preview.

    Image (2) shows that the 1st slide on the 2nd display screen is fine

    Image (3) shows that the 2nd slide on the 2nd display screen has same error as the live preview in image (1)

    There's other issues I've seen which I'll try and reproduce and screen capture.

    Stuart P.

  • Hi,

    It took a while to reliably reproduce another issue I've seen, because I now realise the issue is related to what version of OpenLP was used to create custom slide.

    In this example, the Custom Slide was 'imported' into a V2.9.4 installation by loading a service file that was created in V2.4

    The text only version of both the preview and live displays can show confusing internal-only web code. This appears to happen in V2.9.4 but not V2.9.2, when the service file was created in V2.4

    The actual display on the display screen does not appear to be negatively affected.

    While custom formatting tags are used in this slide, in this case the error appears around about standard tags (bold and yellow), so I am unclear if the custom formatting tags used elsewhere in the slide are in any way related.

    That's all I've discovered so far - although see a separate discussion about footers for custom slides created in V2.4

  • @Stuart_P your other center-related bug is the same as the first one. I'll double-check but I'm relative sure it is fixed.

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