Different screen sizes

Hi everyone!

Have just loaded up OpenLP after a break of several years. When I last used it it was in a single church with a known setup and everything worked well. However, I am now in a situation where I am often in a different church each week with slightly different setups and screen resolutions. Unfortunately, I am not seeing anything which allows the screen to scale itself appropriately within a theme.

Yes, I can choose full screen and click on the default settings box and the text will justify itself in the middle etc.

But as soon as I try and set an "Output Area Location" so the text is in an appropriate place for the image beneath, everything becomes absolute. So I can set something up properly for a 1280x800 screen but if I then find the church has got a 1920x1200 screen everything is scrunched up into the left corner. Am I missing something? The background image seems to scale itself appropriately to fit the screen but I can't find a way to make the text do the same thing.

Many thanks!



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