Last verse or chorus indicator?

I'm in the throws of migrating from EW to OpenLP, using the version 3 release candidate version. In EW, we had laid out hymns and songs in such a way that after the final verse or chorus there was a dot (".") on a line on its own to indicate that the end had been reached. As an organist, this saves me the embarrassment of launching into a non-existent verse when the hymn is finished.

I realise that I am going to have to undo this in its current form as I migrate, and it was only ever a rather ugly way of achieving this, but it would be useful to have an indicator on screen to show that the song ends with the words currently being displayed. Could that be added in some way in a future version, please? I'm not sure I know an ideal way of doing it, but a line on screen after the text, perhaps, or something like that?

(It's unlikely that we will upgrade our setup from what it currently is: we have EW/OpenLP running on a laptop with it's video output driving three projectors and screens around the Church. We're don't have a separate screen for the organist, so solutions that involve that probably wouldn't help us.)




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