McAfee detecting the latest version of the exe file as a virus

Hi there,

When I installed the latest version of OpenLP, McAfee detects it as a virus when the executable is run.

Any solutions to avoid this error. It could be a fale positive though?



  • Uninstall McAfee and install Avira Prime. Also Window's Defender, and Malwarebytes detect OpenLP.exe as a virus.

    AVG Antivirus and Avira Prime do not detect OpenLP.exe as a virus. However, Avira Prime is the best antivirus software on the market as far as I'm concerned. It's out of Germany and is based on Norton foundation, but much much better than Norton. It has many additional features that I find very useful with Windows 10 and 11; like an Auto update for software out of date, which Avira Prime will automatically download and install for you. Saves lots of time.

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