Forcing split in a verse of a song

v2.9.4 on Windows 10

I'm in the process of formatting a very large amount of text to import as songs into OpenLP in OpenLyrics format. I've got most of it sorted. One question, however, concerns marking a forced split within a verse of a song.

If I edit a song in OpenLP and export it, then the forced split seems to be a tag "<p style="page-break-after: always;"/>" Is that what I need to use, or is there any short-hand for that?




  • I know that you can force a break by repeating the verse or chorus marker - e.g.


    {it}God's ways are faithfulness and love

    for those who keep his covenant and will{/it}


    {it}The Lord's friendship is for those

    who revere him

    to them God reveals the covenant{/it}

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