File import problem

OpenLP 2.9.4 on Windows 10

I'm in the process of reformatting hundreds of songs into OpenLyrics format to import into OpenLP as we migrate from EW to OpenLP. I'm doing the reformatting in Perl programs. Most of it is working fine. However some files won't import. I think this is primarily down to the file format rather the OpenLP, though I suspect there's also an underlying bug in OpenLP related to it.

So, attached is SttL002.xml that gives an error when I try to import it, saying that there is an XML format error. If I copy all the text from it into a new file, then it will import. I've attached the new file as 1 Test Song.xml. When I examine the two files, SttL002.xml has <CR><LF> (i.e. two characters) at the end of each line, whereas 1 Test Song has only <LF>. When I export a song from OpenLP, the resulting file only has <LF> not <CR><LF>, so that is clearly what OpenLP is expecting, though I'm not currently sure how to make this happen in my Perl program.

So, the suspected underlying bug is this: some of my files with lines ending <CR><LF> will import and some won't. I suspect, though I haven't proven it, that shorter files are ok, but longer ones are not.

Can anyone help me get my files into the correct format, please?




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