Song Search list format

OpenLP v2.9.4 on Windows 10

I'm a new user, and I'm in the throws of transferring everything that we currently have in EW onto OpenLP. Inevitably I have a few questions ...

We have the songs from various hymnbooks loaded, and inevitably there are duplicates. In the Library Songs search list, most of the options show the title and the author. However, when there are slightly different versions in different songbooks, this isn't helpful. I have defined an Alternative Title for every song, of the form "<songbook><number" ("H&P 123" or "SoF 24" for example). Is it possible to get those in the search list, instead of the authors, in any way? or to get the Alternative Titles into the search list? (Alternative Titles don't seem to make any difference anywhere, as far as I can see.)

Of course, folders within the song library would be another way of solving this, but I understand that isn't available ... yet.



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