Screen Resolution Issues

I prefer to prepare services on my desktop computer (1920x1080). I find it much easier to work on a larger screen with a mouse and have my graphics programs there that allow me to create images and theme files I want to display.

I then transfer my files to my laptop (1600x900) take it to church and project to 16:9 TV screens (Not sure of their resolution but that doesn't seem to matter!).

Often, once at church, I need to change things a little. That can be because our worship leader has decided to tweak the service a little but more often because I find a single Bible word or the last line of a chorus slips onto a second slide or because text now overlaps an image on the background theme. That is in spite of the fact that I rigorously transfer all theme files to the laptop as I had thought ensuring the service and theme files had been generated on the same machine all would be well.

So my question is how should I arrange my work flow so I avoid these varying dimension issues.

Two things I have discovered while working on this issue.

  1. While editing a theme on the laptop the default dimensions are retained from the 1920x1080 machine. These dimensions are, presumably, found within the service file? However, if I try to create a new theme to replace one that now displays inappropriately, the dialogue shows dimensions appropriate to a 1600x900 screen.
  2. I can set my 1920:1080 machine to override its display position at 1600x900 and display if a single screen (but that didn't replicate what I saw when I got to church with my laptop)

I fear that the only answer is to prepare any graphics on my desktop but do all service preparation work on the laptop. Does anyone know different?


  • After a little more experimentation it seems this approach works...

    I just need to keep a different set of template files on my laptop that have adjusted screen dimensions and font sizes.

    I prepare the service on my desktop using a "bare" template that renders any text at the size I need when projecting at church.

    After copying the .osz file to my laptop I then apply any slide themes as required.

    A Little more background...

    I use a number of templates, with graphics placed in different positions, that represent items such as Sunday School, Sermon, Intercessions, etc. and these templates align text around the images differently according to the graphics's placement. Experience has taught me how much space is available around each graphic so, normally, I don't find any unwanted overlapping.

    I also have one template with slightly smaller text than the rest. I use that if I find a particular Bible quotation or song lyric leaves a single word at the end of a verse on a separate screen.

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