importing ops pro songs

I am trying to import an ops pro database, i have an older version which is an opsx file, a newer version which is .ot8 and i have the database as an sqlite as well. when trying to import either the opsx or the .ot8 file in the song importer as an ops pro database it says it cant connect to the database. ive tried under different catagories in the song importer without result. i also tried importing the sqlite version as ops pro and as openlp databases. openlp databases do expect sqlite files but it didn't take this one. ops pro importing expects .mdb files, but whatever I do, ops pro isnt giving me .mdb files. ive also tried to insert the songs.sqlite file directly in %appdata% but it didn't take that either. is there any way for me to get my ops pro database imported in openlp?


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