Right fit?

I’m wondering if OpenLP is what I am looking for. I travel from church to church, Bible camp to camp speaking. I use a lot of Power Point slides in my presentations. What I would love to do is to be able to plug my laptop into the churches projector system and:

  1. project onto their screen(s)
  2. to be able to control the presentation from my iPad or iPhone
  3. to see the next slide along with my notes for the current slide
  4. to have another device or something that shows me what the audience is seeing. This could be on my iPad along with the next slide and my notes.
  5. to be able to control what shows up on an audience members device. Maybe send them to a url by way of a QR code. Their device would show what is on the screen that I control.

I could set up a local network if needed.

I know that all of this would likely require internet access which could be a problem at some Bible camps. Could all of this be done from things housed on my laptop and a local network?

I’m open to suggestions and I may need your help along the way. At one time I felt fairly good at tech stuff but not so much any more. Maybe I’m asking too much from any application?

I look forward to hearing from some of you. Thanks in advance.


  • It sounds to me (someone who is still getting to grips with OpenLP - draw your own conclusions!) that OpenLP can certainly do a fair bit of what you're asking for. I suspect the real answer is to try it.

    I would say a definite yes to items 1 and 2 and a probable yes to 4. I'm not sure about 3 because I've not yet gone into either PowerPoint projections or remote control from a phone/tablet. I have no idea about 5!

    With regard to the point about internet access, what you need as far as I understand it, is for your phone/tablet to share a network connection. There are various ways to achieve that, including both joining an existing network (WiFi), or the phone sharing its Internet connection (i.e. its mobile data) and the laptop joining that WiFi network, along with many other more complicated possibilities ...


  • Thanks Tony, I guess I will give OpenLP a try here in the office. Perhaps I can set things up that would resemble what I might face when I get to my next church?

  • Item 5 will work if you and the audience are on the same WiFi via Live view.

    Item 3 will show notes with Stage view.

    The web remote will show what's next

  • Aside from downloading the remote, and some resources via the First Time Wizard, OpenLP does not need an Internet connection. You'll need to learn how to use OpenLP, but once you do you should be able to do everything you mentioned.

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