Device stream not working in 2.9.5

W10 up to date

We would like to use the device stream new feature.

Our test configuration for input device stream :

Capture Mode = DirectShow

Video device name = Integrated Webcam

Caching 300 ms

When selected in the service it displays only a yellow/orange 4/3 rectangle on the screen ! ! !

We got the same result with previous 2.9.x versions.

I was searching for documentation on how to use the media feature without any success.

Any help will be appreciated



  • I also have exactly this problem with 2.9.x versions (Windows 10). I have not been able to get a video stream to work into OpenLP. I have tried various stream sources and variations in the parameters but without success.

    Sorry does not help you fix the problem but you are not the only one to see it.

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