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This is actually my first post on this forum, but our church has been using this software for several years and it is incredible, especially the remote features. The only glitch I have found is that the transpose chord feature has an issue when wrapping around (negative) from Ab to G (English chords). The code skips G and jumps straight to F#, causing all chords that wrap around to be a half-step off. I isolated the javascript code causing this. You only have to change "for((n+=e)<0?n+=this.MAX_HALF_STEPS;" in the transposeChord function to "for((n+=e)<0?n+=this.MAX_HALF_STEPS+1;".

I merely point this out because I didn't find any mention of this on any other discussions and see it as a very simple fix to be included in any future updates to the remote app.

I would also greatly appreciate any suggestions/resources on how to fix this locally for our own use until an official release comes out. I am quite familiar with Python and Javascript and have downloaded the full source code. I am just hoping there is an easier way to install an alternate version of the remote to OpenLP without recompiling the entire project. Thanks!


  • My apologies for making this comment mere minutes after my initial post.

    First off, I realized just after I posted that this should be under Development, not General Discussion (my bad).

    Secondly (and on a more helpful note) I found how to fix this locally for anyone who is having the same issue. If you open the data location path folder (found in Settings/Preferences -> Advanced), go into the remotes folder, and open the javascript file starting with "main" using most text editors, you can search for "transposeChord", and make the modification I recommended. Good luck!

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    I am also a bit new with OpenLP, but so far I am amazed!

    A quick question, and hope you may answer it... So If I use the .../newStage for stage view, and If I use a chord like [G/B], that will be displayed as G/A#

    Is there any solution to avoid this, and display it as is, like G/B?

    Thanks for any help!

  • Ok, it seems I found the solution regards to my question. I had to override the notesSharp, and notesFlat arrays' H and B values in newStage/slide.js file.

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