Chords for Songs

I searched the forum and all the questions around this are from ~2017. I would like to be able to have chords show with the song and be able to insert different chords to change the key the song is in, if needed.

Is anyone doing this today and what are you using?

Can I do this manually following some sort of format and then import my custom song with chords into OpenLP?

Thanks for any guidance,



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    Getting closer....

    I have successfully taken a song and converted it to the new format for 2.95. I then added it to my songs and then into the service. When looking at the service it does not show the chords and when looking at stage view I can see them, perfect.

    What I am trying to figure out is when I advance to next verse in OpenLP it advances in the Live view but not in the stage view. Is there something obvious I am missing?

    EDIT: When I advance in OpenLP Live it advances, if I then go back to my browser, Firefox and Chromium and refresh it does advance to the next verse.

    Ubuntu 22

    OpenLP 2.9.5

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