Fix for OpenLP not working in Ubuntu.

I use Ubuntu 20.04. I tried downloading OpenLP for use at my campus fellowship, but the app just won't run. At some points, it was as though it would start but would later crash. I tried to no avail, but finally, I got it to start. Here are some fixes that I tried, but I really don't know which of them finally caused the fix.

  1. First of all, I'll recommend this: You should install python3-distutils (Just run "sudo apt install python3-distutils" in a terminal.)
  2. If the above command fails to work, then uninstall VLC media player from your PC.

Thanks, I hope this helps.

God bless all the brains behind OpenLP - Your labours shall be rewarded in Jesus name.

I am a web programmer, I'll make plans to begin contributing to the project as much as I can.

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