No picture on TV

I use OpenLP 2.9.3 under Windows 10 with Blackmagic ATEM mini and fibre optic HDMI cable to connect the PC to the TV at the front to display songs etc. All of a sudden I do not have any pictures on either monitor or TV at front of the church. I checked the hardware, cable etc, upgraded firmware and Windows. Set the screen to extend and can drag a window over to the other screens. That works. I ran a PowerPoint presentation and that worked on all screens too. So it is not hardware or Windows. Yet when running OpenLP it cannot find the other screens for display. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • This might sound silly, even stupid! But have you tried a different computer? Do you have any other computer - Mac, Windows, Linux - that you can use to try?

    A fresh installation of OpenLP onto a different computer would tell you different things.

    You could also back up your data on your current computer and do a fresh installation on it. See what happens. But don't do anything like that without having backed up your data!

    These things aren't clutching at straws. They're all part of problem-solving as I've been taught. But it's always easier to follow proper problem-solving procedures when you don't have any emotional energy attached or invested in a task. I often find myself asking silly questions to which I should - and do! - know the answer. But I have so much emotional energy attached to a project, I can't ask or answer simple questions. All of that was to say there's no criticism of you for not trying different things. Some people might call them basic things.

    I'll be interested to know how you get on.

  • Thanks for the advice. I do not take offense at all. having helped users with Mac or PC problems in the past, my first question would often be - have you plugged your computer in and turned on the power! I can borrow a friend's laptop and a fresh install would be useful. I have backed up my data folder and done a fresh install of OpenLP, but to know avail. A fresh pair of eyes is always useful.

  • Solved the problem. A windows update had broken OpenLP! The windows uninstall left dozens of files scattered around and only when we had downloaded a trial (fully functional) uninstaller did it find all these rogue files. Then reinstalling OpenLP gave us a brand new version, and all screens worked. What a relief. Thanks be to God.

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